Cherry Blossom Festival in Stockholm

Date: April 21, 2018 from 13:00-16:00 (Performances during 14:00 – 16:00)

Venue: Kungsträdgården, Stockholm

Organizers: Japanese Association in Stockholm and The City of Stockholm

The annual cherry blossom festival in Kungsträdgården, a popular event welcoming the advent of spring to the capital, will offer even more events for visitors in 2018 to celebrate the 150th anniversary of diplomatic ties between Sweden and Japan. The two-hour stage program consists of  Bunraku puppet theater from Chiryu-city (UNESCO world cultural heritage), Taisho-koto Japanese traditional music, and Geiko Mai dance, among others. Cultural workshops showcasing both modern and traditional Japanese culture and martial arts will be held around Kungsträdgården, and popular Japanese foods and drinks will be for sale.

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Jan saaristu

I coming

Aesha Webb

Hi! Am really interested and would like to know what’s the the cost of the entry ticket and when can it be bought?
Thank u for ur time.

Marie Tsujita Stephenson

Hi Aesha, the Cherry Blossom Festival in Stockholm is free of charge. But bring some money so you can buy food, drink and maybe some Japanese things at the little booths around the trees.

Josie Canlapan Koseki

So exciting! I wish I could there and I can attend the cherry blossom festival. I came from Osaka and I miss the hanami in Osaka Castle. Thank you very much for the good information.
Best regards / Josie

[…] Kungsträdgården, el Jardín del Rey, es conocido por ser una de las zonas más céntricas y con más cafés de Estocolmo, pero también porque este parque cuenta con numerosos cerezos que en primavera explosionan de color y convierten esta localización en algo mucho más hermoso, si es posible. También cuenta con un festival dedicado a esta preciosa flor que se celebra el 21 de abril. […]


Martin Vinaver

I am sure you have the event well organised by now, but if you are interested in having a stand with moku hanga, with images, tools and explanation billboards, I can offer this. Ukiyo-E is one of Japan’s traditional arts and moku hanga is the technique. The images I would show are shin-hangs, done with the traditional technique used to make Ukiyo-E. But I have one Ukiyo-E we could frame and display. Look at moku hanga under my web page: and tell me if you would be interested.

Martin Vinaver

Marie Tsujita Stephenson

Hi Martin, if you want to exhibit something, you should get in touch with the organizers of the event, Japanska föreningen i Stockholm.

Hussein Hussein

Do i need to apply?

Marie Tsujita Stephenson

No, the event is free of charge. But the food, drinks and other items in the various booths around Kungsträdgården are for sale, so bring your wallet!

Finns det möjlighet att kan prata in japanska också? Jag önskar att öva min japanska .

Marie Tsujita Stephenson

Hej Gloria, kanske, det kommer ju många japaner som besökare och som utställare och försäljare.

jag älskar japan och varit där som engelska lärare darför att jag vill öva mun japanska,finns det möjlighet att hjälpa här den dagen?

I’m going tomorrow 😀

I am curious to know if this is still open now. Can i come for this weekend?

Marie Tsujita Stephenson

The cherry trees are in a public garden, but the Festival is only one day per year, usually in April.

Kandi Littau

Your site is so fantastic. I’m going to come back here again.

Hee Deherrera

This site is absolutely fabulous!

Abel Meditz

Keep up the great work guyz.

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