We celebrate for the past and the future

On November 11, 1868, a ”Friendship and Commercial Treaty” was signed between Japan and Sweden which declared that diplomatic relations should be established. Initially Sweden was represented in Japan by the Netherlands and Japan’s minister in Russia handled the relations to Sweden. In 1905 the first Japanese minister arrived in Sweden and in 1907 the first Swedish minister officially took office in Japan.

150 years of friendly and mutually beneficial cooperation have passed since 1868.The exchanges between the two countries have grown steadily. Cooperation takes place not only in politics, business, academia and culture, but reaches out into society at large to involve municipalities, prefectures, government agencies, organizations, hospitals, sport clubs and – not least - the public.

The governments of Japan and Sweden have decided that 2018 shall be the year to celebrate the good relations, but also to use these celebrations to stimulate further contacts and cooperation between the two countries.

The ministries of foreign affairs in Japan and Sweden have via their respective embassy therefore invited a wide range of partners all over Sweden to take part in these celebrations. They has encouraged individuals, groups, companies, theaters, orchestras, museums and many other to come up with ideas of projects. In principal anyone with a good idea is welcome to join (under certain conditions).

The supporting secretariat in Sweden

A number of organizations and bodies will support the events and projects which will take place in Sweden during 2018

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