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The Japanese Association in Stockholm

The objectives of the Japanese Association in Stockholm are to promote the interests of its members and to promote the understanding of Japanese culture in Sweden. The number of members is around 1000 of which many are Japanese. An increasing number of members are Swedish persons with a great interest in Japanese culture. Companies and organizations are also welcome as members. Examples of activities are family events, Cherry blossom day in Kungsträdgården, and summer, autumn and New Year’s festivals. The association cooperates regularly with the Japanese Businessmen’s Club and supports the Japanese School in Stockholm. Educational activities include Shogi club (“Japanese chess”), Kosode Club (kimono), Fudekotoba (language and calligraphy), Språk café och pub (monthly).

Chairperson: Yoko Kaneko

The Japanese Association in Gothenburg


Japanska Föreningen i Skåne




The Japanese Association in Småland and Blekinge

Ordförande: Mitsuru Suzuki